Do developers care about security?
CSO Online

They certainly do, according to Sarah Gibson, application security consultant at Veracode, who talks with CSO senior writer Fahmida Rashid about the issues around application security, and how having a collaborative security team is key to writing good code.


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15 of the highest paying jobs in IT 
Sharon Florentine, CIO

New LinkedIn salary data reveals IT sales, marketing and business development professionals’ salaries are on par with — or even exceed — pay for engineering and technical talent, making them the best paying jobs in tech.


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12 essential software development principles and concepts
Andrew Oliver, InfoWorld

All 12 of these concepts and principles are important in both software itself and the business of software


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A Shift in Managing Performance
State of the American Work Place – Gallup Report

THE MAJORITY OF U.S. EMPLOYEES show up at their job every day without the guidance, incentives and support needed to perform at their best. Only 33% of employees are engaged, a mere 21% strongly agrees that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work, and just 18% strongly agrees that employees who perform better grow faster at their organization. These are troubling and alarming discoveries. Organizations have poured significant amounts of time and money into their performance management systems — investments that now appear to be misaligned with the way work needs to be managed.


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