5 reasons to take a fresh look your security policy
Stacy Collet, CSO

Evolving ransomware and DDoS attacks, new technology such as IoT, and changing user behavior are all good reasons to revise your security policy.

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What is IT governance? A formal way to align IT & business strategy
Kim Lindros, CIO Magazine

7 things you should know about IT governance, including choosing a framework and how to ensure a smooth implementation.


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7 hot IT outsourcing trends — and 7 going cold
Stephanie Overby, CIO Magazine

The days of low-cost commodity services are waning, as IT organizations seek stronger strategic partnerships with IT outsourcing providers in the era of digital transformation.


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Predictive Analytics for Human Capital
Gallup Report

Companies have an immediate opportunity to attract talented job seekers, but they may also be in danger of losing their own stars. To compete for top talent, organizations need a comprehensive human capital strategy — one that accounts for every aspect of a star’s journey.

With a unique emphasis on innate talent and strengths, Gallup has helped the world’s top companies select the best of the best. Businesses that select the top 20% of candidates from our talent-based assessments achieve lower turnover, among other improved business outcomes.

Gallup offers much more than a selection tool. We provide analytics and advice to change the way organizations attract, select and develop high performers through seven crucial areas of human capital management: align, attract, recruit, assess, hire, onboard and develop.

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